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Quick Response
Quick Response
Eco Pest Control provides fast reaction services in some central point adjacent to the customer to facilitate contacting the technician anytime.
Eco Friendly  and Green Pest Control
Eco Friendly and Green Pest Control
e practice safe pest control methods using more natural products and demonstrate environmental responsibility. With the certified technicians in controlling pest, we offer loyalty and high skills performance.


Ecoforpest Exterminator

Welcome to Eco Pest Control Bali
CV. Ecodwi Bali Jaya Abadi is a pest control service company with the trademark Ecoforpest Exterminator serving the community in tackling pest problems. Ecoforpest offers pest control services with environmentally friendly methods, fast and reliable service and use of that complete equipment and supported by friendly and experienced technicians many years in the field of pest control service.


We are controling for all types of pests in all types of buildings using Integrated Pest Management (IPM) method

General Pest Control

Our offer provide satisfaction guarantee for every customer, choose quality products and always make new innovations in a useful pest control method, on target and environmentally friendly.

Termite Termination & Control

Pre-construction & post construction anti termite treatment

Bed Bugs Control

Conduct a thorough inspection of the room area infested bedbugs. Steamering on the entire surface of the mattress and cot to kill bedbugs and eggs. Spraying the entire room area and mattress using X-Mos Chemical. Monitoring futures to suppress breeding bedbugs.

Rodent Control

A mouse control work with a mouse control system integrated (integrated pest management in rodent control), emphasized on rodent inspection, to determine and evaluate the level development of rats at baseline and when control, sanitation, for reducing and even eliminating the source of food and mouse nest, rodent proofing and population reduction, using elastic trap and permanent snap trap.

Mosquito Fogging

Our mosquito fogging service is one of the most requested services. Thermal fogging can be done to eliminate adult mosquitoes, which means there is a high chance of breaking the breeding cycle.

Why Ecoforpest?

State Certified & Licensed Pest Control Technicians

Worked by certified technicians, friendly and able to improvise in condukting preventive protection to suppress breeding pest.

Providing The Best And Customised Solution

Full understanding of pests and dedicated to the company and his work so as to prvide the best solution to customers.

Pesticides Licensed and Eco-Friendly

Ecoforpest uses more friendly and natural ingredients safe environment.

Quick Response

Ecoforpest propides fast reaction services in some central pointadjacent to the customer to fasilitate contacting the technician anytime.

Free Survey

We provide a free survey service for every potential customer contact us anytime and anywhere.

Warranty Service

We provide a free survey service for every potential customer contact us anytime and anywhere.

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