Termites with colonies in close proximity to houses can extend their galleries underground and make mud tubes to enter homes. The insects keep out of sight and chew their way through structural and decorative timbers, leaving the surface layers intact, as well as through cardboard, plastic and insulation materials. Their presence may become apparent when winged insects appear and swarm in the home in spring. Regular inspection of structures by a trained professional may help detect termite activity before damage becomes substantial. Inspection and monitoring of termites is important because termite alates (winged reproductive) may not always swarm inside a structure.

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Termite Treatment Methods:

Chemical barrier system is a protection system with termiticides or active ingredients special anti-termite applied to the wood and also the whole area foundation of buildings.

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Elimination Colony with The Termite Bait Queen Killer. Termites prefer Queen Killer over other bait (and other timber) because of size of particle and flavor of bait when made up with water. Termite control with non-toxic growth inhibitor termite bait will completely remove the threat of termites for good. Termite control with non-toxic growth inhibitor termite bait will completely remove the threat of termites for good.
Other methods of Termite control either rely on colony suppression or colony blocking. Plus, they do not give a clear indication whether colony death has occurred, as does termite baiting.

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This termite reticulation system is one of the recommended evectice anticipatory measures for anti-termite treatment for long term and provide protection without any damage on property.

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