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Pest Control

Ecoforpest provides effective, safe, and eco-friendly pest control services for all home and business pest problems in Bali.

Bali Island as the icon of Indonesian Tourism will certainly bring a lot of visitors either domestic or international tourists. This encourages the growth of hotels, villas, and restaurants during the few last decades. The competition in the field of hotel management and the supporting sector has increased and become more challenging. A positive image needs to be built like a comfortable, clean, and safe environment to improve customer satisfaction. 

This image is important to guarantee the business will keep improving. However, the positive image often gets threatened by the pest attack like mice or bugs. The light pest attack can be handling easily with the simple method but if the attack has disturbed them severely then a professional pest control service is needed. 

We, Ecoforpest Exterminator is a professional pest control service provider in Bali. Ecoforpest provides effective, safe, and environmentally friendly solutions for all of the pest problems faced by your home and your business. 

General Pest Control

Ecoforpest, in the selection of pest control and eradication methods, is always guided by the Integrated Pest Management (IPM) method. This method is based on scientific studies and is proven to be able to minimize harm due to pests while reducing negative impacts on the environment and health.

Using the IPM method doesn’t mean that we are anti of using a synthetic pesticide. If the pest attack has turned into an intolerant attack, then the use of pesticides can be done selectively. The pesticide that we recommend is an organic pesticide like neem oil.

Here are 5 commons pests that often disturb houses and business and the management method we offered.

Rodent Control

Pengendalian Tikus (Rodent Control) Denpasar Bali

Rats are a mammal that has the ability to reproduce quickly. Their habit of gnawing often damages electrical wires, furniture, and even the walls of buildings. Their feces and urines are very disturbing, especially inside a room. In addition, rats are vectors of diseases such as Salmonella and Hantavirus.

Method of Control:

  • baiting
  • snap-trap, live-trap, dan glue-trap

Cockroaches Control

Pengendalian Kecoak (Cockroaches Control) Bali

 The presence of cockroaches causes the atmosphere of the room to be unpleasant and dirty. Cockroaches are also known as insects that have the ability to adapt quickly and that make them one of the insects that can survive natural selection. What’s more dangerous is that cockroaches are the vectors of diseases such as dysentery, cholera, and salmonellas.

Method of Control:

  • baiting
  • Spraying

Fly Control 

Pengendalian Lalat (Fly Control) Bali

Flies can carry up to 200 bacteria, the amount is much more than the amount that can be brought by cockroaches. Bacteria carried by flies include E.coli and salmonella. This bacterium can cause diarrhea to typhus.

Method of Control:

  • Baiting
  • Trapping

Ants Control

Pengendalian Semut (Ants Control) Bali

Seeing ants around your house may be a natural thing and has become a common sight. But you need to know that ants have several types, including the dangerous types that you should avoid, such as fire ants. If the population has grown rapidly that it can be very disturbing. 

Method of Control:

  • baiting
  • Spraying

Mosquito Control

Pengendalian Nyamuk (Mosquito Control)

Mosquito bites are very disturbing but the most dangerous thing is that mosquitoes can become a vector of dangerous diseases such as dengue fever. Preventive measures such as 3M + (draining, burying, rinsing) + sprinkling abate powder are effective for suppressing mosquito populations if carried out simultaneously and sustainably. What if the mosquito attack is severely disturbing? Then the most efficient method is the fogging method.

Method of Control:

  • Cold Fogging/Misting for indoor
  • Hot Fogging for outdoor