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Mosquitoes Fogging

Mosquito bites are very disturbing, but the most dangerous thing is that mosquitoes become vectors of dangerous diseases such as dengue fever. Prevention measures, such as 3M + (draining, burying, rinsing) + sprinkling abate powder, are effective in suppressing the mosquito population if carried out simultaneously and sustainably. What if the mosquito attack is very annoying? Then, the most efficient method is the fogging method.

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Mosquitoes Fogging

The best time for fogging is when mosquitoes are on the move. Most of the mosquitoes are nocturnal and only a few species are active during the day. In general, mosquitoes do not like sunlight and seek shaded areas to hide during the day. The best times for fogging are in the morning and at night around dusk. Most of the fogging is done at night or at dawn.

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Misting & Cold Fogging

The other method is by misting outdoors and cold fogging indoors. Misting is a method of eliminating pests by condensing it. Misting can also be interpreted as a method of spraying with high pressure on outside areas to eradicate mosquitoes that nest in trees, bushes, and plants. Cold Fogging is a method of using high air pressure to spray fogging fluid onto small particles. The most popular type of cold fogger is the ULV fogger.

Natural Insecticide
Our fogging treatment uses an organic pesticide made from neem oil. Of course it is very safe for families, pets, and the environment.
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Ecoforpest (CV Eco Dwi Jaya Abadi) is a business entity that has an opersional pest control license.

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Choice of natural termiticide for those of you who are concerned about the environment.

Questions & Answers
How much does mosquito fogging cost?
Calculation of mosquito fogging costs based on the area of property and the amount of treatment. Please contact our marketing for consultation and cost estimation.
Is fogging effective against mosquitoes?
The method of fogging is effective only for eradicating adult mosquitoes. To control mosquitoes is indeed the most effective preventive effort because it is able to suppress the pipulation of mosquitoes from the larval phase. Prevention efforts such as 3M+ (closing, draining, getting rid of plus sprinkling abate powder)
Is the use of natural pesticides effective?
In our experience, if done by the right method. natural pesticides are just as effective as synthetic pesticides.
Why mosquitoes back again?
It is likely that mosquitoes come from neighbors or the surrounding environment. Certain mosquitoes can fly up to 100 m. For fogging areas mosquitoes are guaranteed to die.
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