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Flies Control

Flies can carry up to 200 bacteria, even that number is more than what can be carried by cockroaches. The bacteria carried by flies include E. coli and salmonella. These bacteria can cause diarrhea to typhus.

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  • Integrated Pest Management (IPM) Methods
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Flies Control

There are at least 3 types of flies that are often found in residential areas, namely house flies (Musca domestica), meat flies (Sarcophagidae) and green flies (Chrysomya megacephala). Strategi Integrated Pest Management (IPM) selalu mengedepankan upaya pencegahan, yaitu dengan mengeliminasi sumber makanan, air dan tempat bersarang bagi tikus. Upaya pembasmian diambil ketika populasi hama sudah menimbulkan kerugian bagi penghuni atau bisnis anda. Metode Pembasmian yang kami lakukan dengan kombinasi berbagai metode inovatif dan tentunya aman bagi keluarga, hewan peliharaan maupun lingkungan.

Flies Control Bali, Canggu, Ubud, Nusa Dua
Initial & Regular Treatments

Initial treatment is the first treatment that aims to reduce the pest population to a level that does not cause harm. Furthermore, it carries out regular monitoring and treatment (if necessary) to ensure the pest population is controlled. We strive to reduce the use of synthetic pesticides by physical control methods.

Natural Pesticide
If the use of pesticides is deemed necessary, we offer the use of natural pesticides. With the right method, the use of organic pesticides is as effective as synthetic pesticides.
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Pest Control Ecoforpest

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Integrated Pest Management

Termite control with an integrated Pest Management

Incorporated Companies

Ecoforpest (CV Eco Dwi Jaya Abadi) is a business entity that has an opersional pest control license.

Natural Pesticide Organik

Choice of natural termiticide for those of you who are concerned about the environment.

Questions & Answers
How much does flies extermination service cost?
Calculation of flies treatment costs based on the area of property and the amount of treatment. Please contact our marketing for consultation and cost estimation.
Why do flies keep coming back?
You need to understand that pests enter the house for three reasons, which are food, water, and nesting places. Besides that, pests can also come from your neighbors. So, pest control is an effort to control pests that must be carried out in a sustainable manner.
Is the use of natural pesticides effective?
In our experience, if done by the right method. natural pesticides are just as effective as synthetic pesticides.
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