We are pest control service in Bali and we are your most important asset in protecting your home against irritating pests! We will make sure that your pest control plan meets your unique needs, and we will always be available to adjust your plan as you need. We believe the logical solution to organic pest control is to create a balance of organisms in your yard or garden. In a diverse ecosystem, pest populations are regulated naturally. Development of this balance relies on products that minimize harm to pollinators and other beneficial insects. Traps & Pheromone Lures are used to identify the presence of pests, and help control them. If garden pests are present, the less toxic solutions should be used first. Barriers & Repellents, Beneficial Insects, pesticides with less toxic such as Biological Pesticides, Botanical or Natural Pesticides are used only if necessary. Ecoforpest team consists of the best, qualified and solid technicians who work together to serve our clients. Our team is friendly, on time, and professional. We have representatives on some areas who have quick response in handling your complain.

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